Three Questions

1. Do you realize how much damage can be done in a few short minutes?

In the time it takes for law enforcement to arrive in an emergency, such as an Active Shooter or other violent person on the premises, people can be seriously – even fatally – injured. You, your employees and your property are all very much on their own during that time.

2. Do you have a clear understanding of what vulnerabilities you have in your building, offices or facilities?

Just the way offices are laid out, where the entrances and exits are and how they line up can make a huge difference in the split-second safety of your personnel. Are visual obstacles in place and is your building in compliance with safety codes?

3. Do you have an Emergency Plan in place to anticipate personnel needs, situational responses and to prevent chaos?

Hindsight is always good, but sometimes it also comes with significant regret. You should have a plan that addresses the building property and what employees should do in emergency situations. And everyone should be provided with that information. Not only will employees feel that you are looking out for their best interests, they will understand what they can do to help protect themselves and others.

You might not recognize vulnerabilities that exist and then know how to reduce them. You can rely on professionals at QBS As-Builts not only to provide accurate electronic floor plan drawings for authorities, but also to analyze your facilities to ensure maximum preventative measures are taken to help keep everyone and everything as safe as possible in emergency situations

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