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Accurate As-Built Drawings for Safety and Value

Ensure Your Building's True Worth with QBS As-Builts

Discover the importance of precise As-Built drawings for creating a safer workplace and maximizing your property’s value.

The Importance of Accurate As-Built Drawings

Accurate As-Built drawings are essential for providing a safe work environment and realizing a building’s true value. These drawings reflect the actual conditions of the building, capturing every detail from walls and doors to plumbing fixtures and ceiling heights. By relying on precise measurements taken on-site, As-Built drawings ensure that you have the most accurate representation of your property, which is crucial for emergency planning, compliance with local codes, and effective space management.

Key Benefits of Accurate As-Built Drawings

Precise Square Footage

Ensure you are not overpaying for more square footage than your rental or purchase agreement indicates.

Emergency Preparedness

Provide accurate information to rescue workers, aiding in efficient and effective emergency response.

Compliance with Codes

Designate compliance with local building and safety codes, ensuring your building meets all necessary regulations.

Multiple Use of Plans

As-Built drawings can be used by sales deaprtments, marketing, leasing, space planning and facility management.

Emergency Planning

As-Builts allow you to create an emergency plan outlining precise protocol and evacuation procedures.

Keeps you Legal

You can signify your proactive stance to keep personnel safe in the eyes of the legal system

Ensure Safety and Accuracy with QBS As-Builts

Take the first step towards a safer workplace and accurate property transactions. Reach out to QBS As-Builts to create precise As-Built drawings for your facility. Protect your employees and ensure your property details are spot on.