As-Built Drawings

As-Built Drawings

An accurate floor plan is the first step toward providing a safe work environment and realizing a building’s true value. In an emergency situation, having a good plan in place can save lives — and your business.

In construction, an “As-Built” electronic floor plan drawing shows the true and accurate floor plans as they actually are, not as the original architectural plans were drawn. This is important because many changes are made during the construction phase and during renovations and remodels through the years.

An As-Built electronic floor plan drawing is created using measurements taken on-site. Existing blueprints, CAD drawings or plans are not needed. Data collectors take digital photos and gather detailed information regarding the physical building, including walls, doors, windows, stairwells, elevators, plumbing fixtures and ceiling heights.

Accurate As-Built drawings:

    • Provide precise square footage so you are assured you are not paying for more square footage than you rental or purchase agreement indicates.
    • Provide accurate information to rescue workers (police and fire) in the case of an emergency.
    • Designate compliance with local building and safety codes.
    • Allow you to create an emergency plan outlining precise protocol and evacuation procedures.
    • Can be used by sales departments, marketing, leasing, space planning and facility management.
    • Signify your proactive stance to keep personnel safe in the eyes of the legal system.

An As-Built drawing of your workplace is the first step you can take to make your working environment safer for your employees and more protected in the long term. It also ensures that you are leasing, buying or selling property based on accurate square footage, not some figure that was estimated or taken from outdated plans.

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