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Our Services

Maintaining a safe working environment has taken on greater importance. Not only do you want your employees to be safe from natural and human-generated disasters, you want to protect your business from liability and lawsuits.

QBS As-Builts offers a variety of services to reduce the potential for catastrophe in your workplace and protect the people and businesses in it.


As-Built Drawings

An accurate floor plan is the first step towards providing a safe work environment and realizing a building’s true value.

Job Cost Calculator

Estimate your fees in advance – 20 cents forr As-Built designs and 35-cents for new design drawings (plus travel time).

Preparedness Consulting

Let us help you identify vulnerabilities and how to reduce them.

General Services Contract

We are open and transparent about our fees and the deliverables that you will receive.  We also provide a sample of our General Services Contract for your review.  This is from our business in Indiana and will be amended to agree with Texas law.